Interview Secrets???

A lot of people talk and write about “interview secrets” and “the secrets of interview success.” The obvious question after hearing something like that is “are there secrets to interviewing more effectively? Are there really?”

Well, yeah, actually there are. The thing is that the majority are a lot closer to common sense than some magical formula that suddenly makes everyone want to hire you. As it turns out, one of the real secrets to interviewing like a pro is focusing on the basics and getting down to the core of what an interview is all about.

What are the basics? It all starts with knowing yourself and knowing the job. Doing your homework on the company and job description is a good place to start, but it’s not enough. You have to be completely comfortable and confident in yourself as well. That, too, comes from preparation. And what’s the interview all about? It’s about you helping someone else realize that their life and career are going to be easier, better, and/or more fulfilling with you in the equation than without you. That’s what the interview is all about.

Starting with the simple things makes the more sophisticated techniques more attainable. If you know your own background cold, you’ll spend less time thinking through your answers and more time focusing on the goals and needs of the interviewer. That, by the way, is the start of moving beyond the basics and into the zone where magic happens.

3 thoughts on “Interview Secrets???

  1. Very good interviewing secrets information you gave out with Tory Johnson the other night .
    After listening to it once , i could not miss the chance of getting another indept view of what you had to say and where to connect with you , with that wealth of information you will no doubt be a force to recon with your area of speciality.
    The book itself will also hit the market as a best seller in the near future .

    Good work brother
    Melville Huie

    • Hey Nick,Been fllwooing your blog off and on for a little while. Pretty impressive stuff On this topic, I would add the fllwooing:1) Be confident, be comfortable.2) Be prepared: have a list of well thought out questions to ask the interviewers. Many times the interviewer will judge a candidate based on the questions he or she asks. An easy question to get started is to ask the interview about him/herself and how they got started with the company. The key is to get them talking about themselves and not bombarding you with questions. Then, ask specific questions related to the industry or job that show some intelligence and research into the topic. It’s not about having all the answers; it’s being able to ask the right questions.3) The first 30 seconds are key: smile and give a firm handshake. People tend to make their decision in those first few seconds so make them count! Keep up the good work! -Chris Pitcairn

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