“The best job seeker and career book in decades – an almost unfair advantage in the modern job market.”

Archie Holton, CEO Odyssey Seminars

There are a lot of “typical” job-seeker books on the market these days. Purple Squirrel isn’t one of them.While the majority of books on this topic address the same handful of issues in almost exactly the same way, Purple Squirrel comes at things a bit differently. Other books focus on you, the job seeker, and all the things you need to do to be a more effective job seeker. It sounds nice, but it’s the wrong place to start.

“Mike Junge is one of the most thorough and knowledgeable recruiters in the country, and his insight into job search is something you’re unlikely to find anywhere else in the marketplace. In this book, he breaks down each aspect of the hiring process so you get a full understanding of today’s changing job market and the tools required to master it. Purple Squirrel will give you an edge over your competition and help you move your career forward at a pace you never thought possible. This is a must read for anyone looking at their next career move!”
Michael D. Ellis, President and Co-FounderSurrex Solutions Corporation

We live in an age of increasing competition. Outsourcing, off-shoring, globalization, and the Internet have fundamentally changed the employment game, and that means you have to change your game as well. Doing the same things as everyone else and hoping for a better result isn’t going to cut it (and is quite likely to drive you a bit crazy).

You can spend dozens or hundreds of hours scouring job boards and submitting your resume to online postings without generating any tangible results. Odds are, you already have. And if you’ve gone down that path, you know exactly how inefficient AND ineffective that approach can be. It simply doesn’t work. Not anymore.

Strategically targeting and applying to online postings can have a place in a broader job search strategy, sure, but it absolutely shouldn’t BE a job search strategy. Not unless you have hours to spend on mundane and repetitive work and aren’t particularly worried about coming to a productive resolution.

If you really want to crack the code and create employer interest, the emphasis HAS to be on the other side of the equation. You have to take the attention off of yourself for long enough to focus it on your audience – the people searching for talent – and understand exactly what it takes to attract, capture, and hold their attention through the hiring process.

The good news is this: you already know that the traditional way of doing things doesn’t work. That’s what brought you here. What you probably don’t know is what to do instead. That’s where Purple Squirrel comes in. If you’re ready to let go of the painful past, grab a copy today and get ready for a much brighter tomorrow.

“An insightful and practical guide to mastering the job search process.”
Sophie Beaurpere, Director of Communications at Indeed.com

“Everyone who reads Purple Squirrel will find the book impactful because it empowers them to build their own roadmap to success and determine where they truly want to go. The number of ‘I never thought of it that way, but that’s brilliant’ moments is astounding! I will use this book not only in my own life, but also to help my clients as a recruiter, career coach and executive mentor.”
Joe Diersing, Director of Staffing and Placement, NexGen Consultants