Getting Away

For me, this week has been about unplugging – at least as much as can be done in this uber-connected technology world – and it’s amazing how refreshing it’s been. Instead of work all day, I went skiing, played games with family, and enjoyed a nice sunset. I didn’t even log on to a computer until almost 10pm tonight (about 15 hours later than usual), and don’t expect to be on for more than an hour total.

How does that feel? Absolutely fantastic!

Just as important as feeling great right now is knowing that I’ll go back to my normal routine refreshed, energized, and happier about life, and that’s not just good for me…it’s good for everyone around me as well.

As the New Year arrives, I have a quick recommendation – do your best to carve out a day or two in when you can really, truly unplug. Make a point of disconnecting your internet, and shutting off the email service on your phone. Roll incoming calls straight to voicemail, and do something you really enjoy – even if it’s just going to a movie or taking a nice long nap. Your brain may resist being disconnected, especially at first (mine certainly does), but it’s well-worth the effort to make it happen.

Have a safe and happy New Year!

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