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Dear Reader,
Welcome, and thanks for visiting! Most people who find their way here wonder what makes Purple Squirrel different from all the other job seeker and career books out there. It’s a great question. As it turns out, the answer is “quite a lot.” The job market has changed a ton over the past few years, and most job seekers (and job seeker books) haven’t quite kept up.
One of the most profound shifts in the job market is the way employers hunt for talent. These days, it’s not good enough to have a great background and skill set. You have to stand out against an ever-increasing mass of competition. That means grabbing the attention of talent-hunters, interviewing like a professional, and excelling through every stage of the hiring process. Purple Squirrel will show you, step by step, exactly how to do that – and much, much more.

Here are a few highlights of what’s inside:

  • How the search for talent has changed, and what that means for your job search strategy.
  • How to implement simple profile and resume changes that consistently attract the attention of talent hunters.
  • Who your hiring audiences really are, what they’re looking for, and how to use that information to your advantage.
  • How to build a resume that employers find completely irresistible.
  • Insider interview secrets that will help you consistently convert interviews into job offers.
  • Fast-track techniques proven to turbo-charge your career and boost your income.
  • How to use basic project management techniques to achieve career goals in the real world.
avatar“A powerful, practical, and entertaining read. Purple Squirrel may be the first innovative job seeker book that truly makes sense for the technology age”
avatar"An engaging, well-written, and comprehensive guide to getting ahead in the 21st-century job market.”
Dr. Paul Powers,
Author of Winning Job Interviews and Love Your Job.
"Insightful, optimistic, and practical. A great resource for the 21st century job seeker."
Director of People Operations, Google
avatar“The best job seeker and career book in decades.”
CEO of Odyssey Seminars
“Purple Squirrel will give you an edge over your competition and help you move your career forward at a pace you never thought possible.”
President and Co-Founder Surrex Solutions Corporation
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Director of Communications at Indeed.com
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Vice President of Technology, Stonewater Staffing

There’s a whole lot more to Purple Squirrel, and I hope you pick up a copy and experience for yourself what it’s like to stand out, land interviews, and master the modern job market.

All my best,

Michael Junge