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Before Writing a Resume, Put First Things First, by Michael Junge, guest blogger #jobsearch #career

Really tough. And the bad news is that it’s not likely to get a whole lot easier any time soon. As a job seeker (or future job seeker), where does that leave you? In an ideal world, you could count on one of your personal connections or past employers to walk you into your next job.

Google Recruiter Reveals The Biggest Mistake Job Candidates Make

Now you can finally learn how to land a job at Google. One of the company’s top recruiters, Micheal Junge, is publishing a book, Purple Squirrel — a term used by employers to describe hard-to-find talent — in a few weeks. He spoke with Connie Loizos at PeHub about what recruiters are looking for in job candidates. A few interesting takeaways:

Guest Post: Brand yourself As A ‘Purple Squirrel’

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Google Recruiter Mike Junge on Startups, the Biggest Mistake Job Applicants Make, and Why It Pays to be Nice

Michael Junge is a recruiter on staff at Google, focusing on hiring executive level talent for the company. But he’s also written a new book for a broader readership, about mastering the job search process in the digital age.

“Purple Squirrel” Author and Google Recruiter Shares Job Search Secrets

Looking for a job is a job in itself. Now a lead recruiter at Google has a new book filled with the secrets he’s learned, that can help you out.
Michael Junge is a recruiter at Google, one of the hottest companies in the world. Being the guy that everyone wants to get a job from feels “pretty fantastic”, according to Junge.