To those who wait…

Today is President’s Day in America, and for many that means vacation. A day of rest and relaxation, and a good reason to remember a few of the people who helped shaped the destiny of our nation. For me, today brought to mind a quote from Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States and one of the greatest proponents of human rights in the history of

Siesta power!

The past few weeks I've burned the candle at both ends. It's not a complaint, just something that happens from time to time. Balancing work, family, book, friends, and everything else can be a challenge, and sometimes the only thing that can possibly give is sleep. Which is fine, until the ol' brain starts grinding just to get into first gear (or doesn't get into gear at

The NEW Rules of Resume Writing (extracted from Purple Squirrel)

There’s a LOT of information online these days, and for those in the talent hunting business this can be equal parts fantastic and challenging. As recruiters and HR pros, we have access to an almost infinite pool of potential hires, but sorting through such an extraordinary volume of prospects makes it extremely difficult to focus in on the much smaller set of high probability candidates. Being on the

Before Writing Your Resume…

Put First Things First (written as a guest post for Jay Heinlein at The job market is tough these days. Really tough. And the bad news is that it’s not likely to get a whole lot easier any time soon. As a job seeker (or future job seeker), where does that leave you? In an ideal world, you could count on one of your personal connections or

Interview Secrets???

A lot of people talk and write about "interview secrets" and "the secrets of interview success." The obvious question after hearing something like that is "are there secrets to interviewing more effectively? Are there really?" Well, yeah, actually there are. The thing is that the majority are a lot closer to common sense than some magical formula that suddenly makes everyone want to hire you. As it

Getting Away

For me, this week has been about unplugging – at least as much as can be done in this uber-connected technology world – and it’s amazing how refreshing it’s been. Instead of work all day, I went skiing, played games with family, and enjoyed a nice sunset. I didn’t even log on to a computer until almost 10pm tonight (about 15 hours later than usual), and don’t

The Holiday Magic

My family and I watched “The Santa Clause” tonight – an annual holiday tradition (along with “Elf,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Love Actually,” and a few others). There’s a scene towards the end where the skeptics realize that Tim Allen’s character – the new Santa Clause – is “really” real. He’s Santa, and the wonder of the realization completely transforms the expression of the other characters. Even

The Power of Thanks

This week was Thanksgiving, and I was reminded yet again of the power of giving thanks. Nothing in the world makes a person more magnetic and attractive than a genuine air of appreciation, and nothing attracts better results than gratitude for the results that are already here – no matter how modest they might be. Wherever you are in your job search, career, or finances, take a moment