Hi again! You’re probably here to learn a little more about this Michael Junge guy, so here goes. I’m a career coach and professional headhunter, and currently serve on the executive recruiting team at Google,Inc (and yes, that’s me dressed as Waldo, and I did just refer to myself in the 3rd person). Over the past 10+ years I’ve read hundreds of thousands of resumes, interviewed thousands of job seekers, trained dozens of recruiters, and helped hundreds of clients successfully land jobs with companies that include Nestle, AT&T, Warner Brothers, Disney Interactive, Blue Shield, The Capital Group, Humana, GMAC, Pacific Life, First American, Kaiser, Parker Hannifin,Experian, Clean Harbors, Siemens, and dozens more. I’m a member of the Project Management Institute, Toastmasters International, and the Chi Arts Association. I regularly practice and teach Tai Chi, enjoy travel and hiking, and spend most of my spare time writing, eating, and hanging out with friends and family. For a little more, check out the timeline below…


Recruited to the Google Leadership and Executive Recruiting Team. Accept the job, move to Northern California, and get nominated for a pair of performance awards. Enjoy a fantastic family reunion on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii, exceed goals, and spend the holidays skiing. Another great year!


Manage recruiters and provide leadership as Surrex positions for a move into the Healthcare IT market. Every spare minute goes towards writing, coaching, parenting, Tai Chi, and business advisory. Social life = not so good this year.


Promoted to National Development Director. Design, implement and lead the Warrior Program, an elite career, recruiting, and life management curriculum (a big shout out to all the graduates!). Career Coaching, Tai Chi, Toastmaster’s, a Kung Fu tournament (third place and a near-broken nose), Hawaii.


Surrex hits peak revenue growth, topping out at an almost $60M run rate. Company celebrates with a world-class holiday party in New Orleans. Awesomeness! Lots of coaching mentoring and managing. Draft the first outline of the book that has now become Purple Squirrel.


Get promoted to National Development Manager and take on the training, development, and performance management of over fifty recruiters across the country. My brothers and I enjoy a spectacular trip to Machu Picchu and central Peru, and Amy and I welcome our daughter into the world. Attain black belt instructor ranking in Tai Chi.


Recruiter of the Year and 4-time Recruiter of the Quarter. Surrex grows to 20+ offices, and I take a month off for spiritual adventures in India. Enlightenment? Time will tell. Compete in my first boxing event since college. I lose.


Recruiter of the Year and 4-time Recruiter of the Quarter. Surrex continues it’s huge growth (close to 100% year over year), and we welcome our first son into the family. He has a really big head and poops a lot, but I’ve never loved anything more.


Recruiter of the Year and 4-time Recruiter of the Quarter. Work is great, but the trip to Egypt with Amy is flat-out awesome. Other highlights included 100+% year over year revenue growth at Surrex, a big company trip to Las Vegas, and lots of time at the beach. Another great year.


Recruiter of the Year and 4-time Recruiter of the Quarter (the company is small but the team is elite, and winning feels awesome). Get married and enjoy a beautiful honeymoon cruise in Tahiti. The Junge clan and my new in-laws go to China – a whirlwind tour of the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Beijing, Summer Palace, Xi’An, and more – all in under 8 days.


Recruiter of the Year and 3 ½ time Recruiter of the Quarter (first quarter was a tie). Surrex hires about a half dozen of the best performers in the industry and the company starts to take off. I propose to Amy, who foolishly says yes. Trips this year are more modest – Las Vegas, Tahoe, and Napa.


Achieve Club level performance at the newly re-branded Kforce (formerly Romac International). Recruited to become a member of the startup team at Surrex Solutions Corporation, and join the company in October. Start training with Kung Fu master John Bracy and take trips to Orlando, Ixtapa, and Las Vegas.


Hired by Romac International (now Kforce.com). Partner with Bob Bishop, meet Amy (my future wife), and recruit two of my best friends into the headhunting business (PJ and Mike). We have a blast, but discover that working with a hangover isn’t really a great idea.


Graduate from the University of Arizona with a Degree in Creative Writing. Practical? I think not. Spend 3 months in Montana, then come back to Cali and start my career in the recruiting business. This is where the whole thing gets started.